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EverGreen Power & Electric has over 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry and nearly 35 years of industrial controls. We can provide climate control solutions over a variety of industries. Our key focus is Automated Hydroponic growing solutions for small, medium, & large indoor growing operations. We can provide accurate climate control, with remote access from any where in the world via desk top, tablet or cell phone, (Provided there is internet access at your facility). We can custom design a system that fits your particular application and allow you to control lighting, watering filtration, as well as monitor CO2, Humidity, and Temperature. Through automated design we can increase production as well as yields and reduce operating cost. Whether your are growing or drying we can provide a solution the meets your needs.

Evergreen Power & Electric also can provide energy conservation analysis specific to your application. From lighting retrofits to instrumentation and controls. We provide a wide range of preventative maintenance services to include thermal inspections of equipment, radio & wireless control systems and large motor energy savings by use of Variable Frequency Drives.