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Dave, President. Dave is a licensed Supervising General Electrician with over 25 years of electrical experience. Among other successful business ventures, Dave has owned and operated a profitable and ongoing electrical and automation contracting company for more than a decade. This business has successfully bid for and completed millions of dollars in contracts for government, large industry, and large commercial customers. His electrical experience spans the utility, industrial, commercial, and residential markets. He has extensive, beneficial relationships with various electrical supply organizations and many electricians. He has served on the electrical licensing board and has taught electrical apprenticeship classes at Lane Community College. His participation in horse ranching has provided a broad knowledge base of ranching and farming practices and provides invaluable contacts in that energy market segment.



Steve, Vice-President of Operations and Technology. Steve is a degreed Industrial Engineer and MBA candidate with over 20 years of high-tech industry experience. In this capacity he has managed multi-million dollar equipment and facility projects and field supervised more than 30 contracted, licensed electricians and professional engineers on various individual projects. His experience includes extensive hands on electrical work, interaction with inspectors and utility companies, project tracking, and cost tracking/budgeting. This background provides experience directly applicable to the renewable power industry.

Reviews from our customers:

Dave is an outstanding choice for HMI & PLC programming for projects where more than just route implementation is required.  Beyond having the obvious experience and skillset to provide top-level implementation he also possesses the foresight and creativity to envision and propose the best choices for discussion purposes during the software design process from the provided framework keeping both the application and typical operator in mind.  This allows for a truly collaborative spirit where the result of the completed work is better than the originally envisioned implementation scheme that is provided at time of RFQ.  These attributes are truly rare and invaluable when trying to find the right programmer."


Best Regards,

Thomas Patko
Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)
Vice President