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Remote Pump/Pivot Controls

All enclosures are constructed of polycarbonate and rated for outdoor use.
From the main screen the operator has the ability to control a pump either manually or automatically.
Water Control Scheduling
Evergreen remote pump panels have the ability for the operator to set up a watering schedule for the entire week. No more forgetting to turn the water on or off. Only water when you need it.
Each remote pump panel has the option for a local HMI to give the operator the ability to control the pump, set up a watering schedule, review alarm history, and add an e-mail account for alarm notification out in the field. The same features are available remotely without an HMI from anywhere in the world via smart phone tablet or desktop.

We can monitor the following and customize the application to the needs of the customer.

Power Loss
Water Flow Loss
Water Pressure
Pump Overload fault

Every panel comes with a battery backup UPS that retains power for several hours depending on the load connected to it.

All remote control/monitoring is done via cellular connection and the annual data rates are very modest.